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She wrote about sexual initiation. I did not read this book for a class. Very well, but just how shall we pose the question? Here is a miraculous balm for those afflicted with an inferiority complex, and indeed no one is more arrogant towards women, more aggressive or scornful, than the man who is anxious about his virility.

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Those who are not fear-ridden in the presence of their fellow men are much more disposed to recognise a fellow creature in woman; but even to these the myth of Woman, the Other, is precious for many reasons.

The fact is that every concrete human being is always a singular, separate individual.

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Both contraception and abortion were criminalized in France at this time, right? In addition to all this, they enjoy a traditional prestige that the education of children tends in every way to support, for the present enshrines the past — and in the past all history has been made by men.

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And then her third major love affair was with Claude Lanzmann. It is still talked about, however, for the voluminous nonsense uttered during the last century seems to have done little to illuminate the problem. Because woman cannot be productive or creative, she gives herself up completely to serving men and children. It is stuffed with facts. This notion we reject, for our perspective is that of existentialist ethics. The subject is irritating, especially to women; and it is not new. I hope that most of you have heard about Simone de Beauvoir as she is a significant persona of the 20th century but even if you haven't you are very lucky because today you are going to learn about her! A man is a subject, he goes through the world expecting to be free, expecting to live his life; she is seen as an object and encouraged to see herself as an object. Things become clear, on the contrary, if, following Hegel, we find in consciousness itself a fundamental hostility towards every other consciousness; the subject can be posed only in being opposed — he sets himself up as the essential, as opposed to the other, the inessential, the object. But there are deep similarities between the situation of woman and that of the Negro. We are now acquainted with the dramatic conflict that harrows the adolescent girl at puberty: she cannot become 'grown-up' without accepting her femininity; and she knows already that her sex condemns her to a mutilated and fixed existence, which she faces at this time under the form of an impure sickness and a vague sense of guilt.

She lived from that just about covers the whole twentieth century.

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The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir