Study on creation of luxury brand

Likewise, exotic materials became the sig- in Southeast Asia where exotic skins like snake nature of Sang A, with a small logo only on the inside and crocodile skin were actually very cheap. The paper explains how competitive business models need to be designed in order for value to be created and appropriated at different levels of the brand ecosystem.

future of luxury brands in india

Related Papers. A study on luxury goods conclud- foreign products. I am each other, making the brand seem genuine and sure this is one of the major reasons why Sang A of excellent quality, while being luxurious at the was successful in the United States, a big and same time.

The Sang A cus- was examined through literary and Internet sources tomers interviewed said they were very satisfied and in-depth interviews with customers.

research on luxury brands

The upswing of the global luxury market, changing consumer preferences, luxury industry trends, and new technologies open the door for new luxury business models and market entrants and thus for rising competition.

I want to carry something that not everybody can recognize. According to survey most of the people prefer to shop luxury brands followed by local brands International brand has least share.

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(PDF) What women want: Creation of a luxury brand