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Why was Joey at Mr. Beginning the Story Grouping: Whole class seated in a circle on the carpet.

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Why was it important to both the grandmother and Unhei? She has written and illustrated many award-winning books for young readers. Joey showed Unhei his Korean name stamp. Because it was her firstday of school at her new school. She has reviewed over books on her blog and provides teaching notes for all of them! Stops the class when each group has something written down. Everyone has a unique story to share.

Students: Return materials, form a circle. Predict — What do you think the story is going to be about? You may need to practice this a few times, but student pick up the routine quickly.

I want students to really think about who they are as individuals, and this activity does just that. Questions: Have you ever left the country? Theme — It is always better to be yourself. Cultural and social awareness.

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Please walk around the room and read what other groups wrote about. Having a friend that likes you just foryou.

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Administration: The book, The Name Jar. Unhei decided to not introduce herselfto her class till she picked an American name. What do they do to help her feel welcome? Having a difficult name topronounce. This is a great prompt for students to write about. What do you remember about your first day of school? Assessment Option: Critical thinking is a necessity. I wonder what Joey is doing at the Korean market? Wanting to change your name. Where were you born? I wonder what a name jar is? This is a challenging yet enriching assignment. Strategy: Story reading out loud teacher. What should we do when this happens?

If you like, you can collect the charts as well.

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