The powers of the executive branch essay

To begin, The Separation of powers plays a role in the branches of government in which it helps it run smoothly, no one gets too much of power, and everyone is responsible for their job.

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David Koresh. Some democratic constitutions delegate more power to the executive branch while in other nations more power is given to the legislature.

What makes up the executive branch of the government

For instance, just as monarchies saw their king or queens. They rather hold office under a system of permanent tenure which has got nothing to do with the fortunes of the political parties. While the House of Representatives is the only power who can charge the president, vice president or other officials with a rightful cause for impeachment. For example, a lawmaker may not also administer the laws. Clause 2 During the creation of this Constitution, the Electoral College was made to make voting much more organized. Due to the prevalence of the legislative power severely limiting the authority of the executive, there is a large imbalance between the demands and expectations pressing in upon the President and his capacity to respond to them. The President of Germany under the Whimper Constitution was directly elected.

The president is given some powers in Article II Section 2 of the Constitution such as making treaties, vetoing laws, and being Chief Executive of the Executive branch. If he chooses to send troops, the president must report to Congress within forty-eight hours.

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They are recruited into the service on the basis of merits or efficiency, determined usually by some system of competitive examination. Same is the case in England.

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Each branch has specific duties.

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The Power Of The Executive Branch Essay