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Whether you want to create grids to display dynamic or static content, Media Grid is more than up to the task. Author: Chris Pearson Published: October 26, Updated: July 10, Thesis celebrated its 10th birthday in earlyand now version 2.

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The Grid Premium The Grid has some of the most well-designed and eye-catching templates in its library of grid layouts. This leaves fewer reasonable options for most website owners, and it forces the most ambitious ones to pay top dollar to work with an agency to handle customizations.

When it comes to deciding how your grids will look, you get to choose from a growing library of templates in the Essential Grid plugin package. As you might expect from one of the most popular WordPress grid plugins, everything created with this tool is fully mobile responsive to ensure it looks just as good on small screen smartphones as it does on large desktop displays.

When it comes to defining how your grids and lists are displayed, you can quickly choose which elements to display from your posts and pages, such as the title, featured image, and description. Uber Grid is one of the most well-established WordPress grid plugins with a long history of happy users.

You can even design your own layout skins through the drag-and-drop grid builder to really publish your own unique displays.

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In fact, they get more expensive every day because the entire industry is moving away from freelancing and toward agency-level positions.

I want YOU to stay tuned.

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Everyone wants more, but you need less. If so, then you know long term adaptability is a real disaster.

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Gridable Free Gridable makes it possible to add grids layouts to your WordPress posts and pages for free. Depending on how you configure your grids, they can either display a specific set of content or content can be dynamically added to the grids whenever they are generated. Although Grid Plus is surprisingly well featured for a free plugin, there is a Pro version of Grid Plus available that gives you access to more functionality and the premium support service. There is no BS anywhere on my site. This makes it easy, cheap, and even fun to manage my design. You can view the different options on the plugin website, however, there are many different designs and layout styles to choose from, including masonry layouts, grids with infinite scroll, and options that incorporate sliders into their designs. You can then preview your grid layout, before making other changes to its appearance, such as changing the colors, reordering the items, and applying your choice of animation effects. Also, some of these grid plugins simply provide you with a selection of layout templates, while others include builders that let you create your own custom and unique designs for your grid layouts. Simply choose from the available data sources, such as your blog posts, and then enter your filters to control which items are included. Whether you want to create grids to display dynamic or static content, Media Grid is more than up to the task. Simply click on the button that the plugin adds to the Editor and then start adding new columns to your posts and pages. Adaptations and maintenance are easy. Maybe your nav menu only needs 3 links instead of Like the other WordPress grid plugins featured here, the layouts created with this tool are mobile responsive for optimal presentation on smartphones, tablets, and full sized screens.
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