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Lastly, a radiology information system RIS is a computer system that assists radiology services in the storing, manipulation and retrieving of information.

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Otherwise, a Picture Archiving Communication System PACS is a loose term to describe a set of systems that facilitate the archiving, processing and viewing of digital radiological images and their related information and used in x-ray and imaging department by Imaging Officers.

Therefore, in this technological era, the HIS is needed to be applied in many other hospitals as it is beneficial in improving and enhancing the filing system in hospitals.

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In addition, it is also used to manage and store radiology information also used in x-ray and imaging department by imaging officers. Zan Saari. Hospital Information System HIS Hospital Information System HIS is defined as a system focusing on the integration of clinical application collectively with financial and administrative applications to enhance service efficiency Hyung et al.

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Therefore, in this technological era, the HIS is needed to be applied in many other hospitals as it is beneficial in improving and enhancing the filing system in hospitals. Biomedical Informatics Ltd. Moreover, the HIS have allowed the information from different sources and nature such as documents, images and signals that can be integrated within the hospital Tachinardi, The workings of the paperless hospital. This includes the IS usage as their electronic filing system to increase the efficiency and productivity of the hospitals. Hence, the country acquired up to RM millions from the previous year and the total is expected to increase to RM millions this year because of the low medical costs for the foreigners, as well as excellent and modern infrastructures Bernama, Moreover, a Financial Information Systems FIS is referred as computer systems that manages the business aspects of a hospital and used in financial department by accountants. Thus, Table 1 examines the differences of those components by their departments and users. Information system. Hospital information systems are often composed of one or several software components with specialty-specific extensions, as well as of a large variety of sub-systems in medical specialties from a multi-vendor market. The system has to keep data in a secure place and controls who can reach the data in certain circumstances. Thus, a more detailed investigation is necessary to reveal the real issues or problems occurring in implementing the system, especially in Malaysian Public Hospitals and good understanding on overall HIS implementation according to the past reviews is necessary to develop a framework prior to test and revise the issues in HIS implementation as a future research. Acknowledgement This paper is under scholarship of the University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia and the authors would like to thank the relevant parties that have directly or indirectly contributed to the success of this study. Divislo de Informitica. This is because, the implementation of HIS may overcome usual problems such as inefficiency and slow services provided in bigger public hospitals.

Patient's laboratory test information also includes visual results such as X-raywhich may be reachable by professionals. Enhances information integrity, reduces transcription errors, and reduces duplication of information entries.

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Accordingly, the level of implementation of HIS is still low in Malaysia. Conclusion And Future Research In a nutshell, the implementation of the HIS is necessary as it gives many positive impacts by many reviewers.

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